Adobe Portfolio is one of the most mentioned portfolio website building tools on my TikTok account and for good reason. It comes free with any Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and the majority of the creative industry runs on Adobe. But I continue to see designers and creatives struggle with how to use it. Why is this?

Well for starters, its not the most intuitive portfolio website builder to use. While Adobe is known for constantly updating their suite of products. Adobe Portfolio seems to be way at the bottom of their priority list which means that there hasn't been any meaningful updates or improvements to the platform in quite a while. Resulting in designers and creatives getting lost and frustrated while trying to build their portfolio websites.

While I may recommend other portfolio website builders regularly in this newsletter and on my TikTok account, it is hard for me to ignore how valuable Adobe Portfolio can be for designers and creatives. So I decided to answer all of the questions I get about Adobe Portfolio by putting together this completely free 4 video lesson mini-course that will walk you through the ins and outs of Adobe Portfolio.

In the Mastering Adobe Portfolio Mini-Course we will cover:

  • Creating an engaging case study design for your projects.
  • Designing your Adobe Portfolio homepage.
  • Saving time by using text styles.
  • Navigating Adobe Portfolio's interface.
  • Effectively using the SEO features within Adobe Portfolio.
  • Syncing projects between Behance and Adobe Portfolio.

By the end of this free mini-course, I promise you will be a lot more comfortable working with Adobe Portfolio and on your way to create a powerful portfolio website so you can start landing more opportunities in your career.

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“Everything was laid out in an orderly, easy to follow way. Including the project images and text to make a mock site was extremely helpful for me because I learn better by doing. Before this course, the Adobe Portfolio interface was very frustrating to use but you broke down each section so that I understand it better. There were things I didn’t even know you could do, like setting the text styles and making columns. I feel more confident making my portfolio now!”
“The way you explain it all, showing all troughout the proccess making it easy to understand and follow. I've been looking up to your content in other medium, but really liked you in it here. ”
“As a designer, I know minor things become larger as your design does (e.g. paragraph styles). So having this foresight given to me was the most valuable; especially being somewhat time poor. As a visual learner, I found it way easier to watch then execute rather than read and execute. So thank you Jon!”
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