WARNING! Learning Framer will make your clients think you have superpowers! Yes, superpowers! Framer is a powerful no-code website building tool that has taken the design and creative industry by storm. It allows you to build stunning websites filled with interactions and animations without touching a single line of code. Learning Framer has been a tremendous value add for me as a graphic designer who regularly helps clients develop their websites for their brands and businesses.

But what makes Framer different from the other “no-code” website tools out there? Well for starters, I believe Framer is one of the first website building tools that has made it super simple to let your creativity run free when it comes to building a website. While I love and use tools like Webflow(and use it for this very site), Webflow requires quite an investment of time to learn all the ins-and-outs to be dangerous with their platform. Framer however, looks and feels very similar to a tool many designers and creatives are familiar with, Figma.

Unlike other website building platforms like Squarespace or Wix, Framer has made their interface super simple to learn and understand which allows you to add impressive animations and interactions throughout your website with little-to-no effort.

But what about when it comes to making your website mobile friendly? Well Framer has you covered for that also! One of my favorite things about Framer is how it handles making adjustments toy our website on other screens. With Framer, everything is right there in front of you at once so you can visually see how your page layout will change as you edit and update your website.

Need to update your portfolio website? Not only is Framer great for building websites for your clients, but it is also my favorite tool when it comes developing beautiful portfolio websites. If you don’t believe me, check out some of my portfolio templates here.

In this free Learn Framer in Less than 20 minute (4 lesson) video mini-course I’ll cover:

  • Introduction to the Framer interface.
  • How Framer handles elements.
  • Editing text and image elements.
  • Text styles, components, and color assets.
  • SEO basics for your new Framer website.

By the end of this free Framer mini-course you will be ready to build your very own website for yourself or clients.

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