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Key Points

  • Choosing between Graphic Design or Photography? Do you have to?
  • How to combine graphic design and photography and editorialize your portfolio website to be comprehensive.
  • Mentioning experience in an interview
  • How to summarize and discuss your previous experience in a way that doesn't focus on the in between tasks and projects.
  • How to better articulate your experience with both graphic design and photography so interviewers understand all of your value.

To Think On

  • If you had to choose between graphic design or photography which would you choose? Would you be ok not ever doing the other and vice versa?
  • How can you showcase your experience in both graphic design and photography to make you stand out in the job market?
  • Can you seek out roles that are a hybrid of graphic design and photography?


  • Consider creating a portfolio with case studies that showcases both your photography and design experience and you can combine the two.
  • Create bullet points about experiences and projects from previous roles to prepare for the interview. Think top line and punchy.
  • Rehearse and practice what you will say about each project. What are the major points? What were the end results? What did you learn?


Here are some examples of designers that do an amazing job of working with both photography and graphic design and how they showcase it on their portfolios.

Portfolio Reviews