In this portfolio review, I connect with food photographer Lucy who's looking to refine her online presence to attract dream clients like Bon Appetit. While her portfolio exemplifies strong work, we dive into strategies beyond just showcasing photos.

I explain that once core skills are solid, proactive relationship building becomes the key growth lever. I share tips for identifying ideal clients and initiating conversations to get on their radar authentically.

We also discuss Lucy's social media approach and opportunities to create synergy with her portfolio's strengths. I suggest ways to remix her best photos into short, algorithm-friendly videos that still feel true to her style. Consistency is key!

Finally, I emphasize storytelling to boost social media impact for photographers. From themed content buckets to strategic multi-post series, there are engaging ways to contextualize work while reinforcing your unique perspective and services.

For photographers looking to level up, this review reinforces why blending strong work with a proactive networking and content strategy is the ultimate combo. Drop any questions below!

Key Points

  • Pitching new clients with your own ideas
  • Developing a client networking strategy
  • Aligning your social media and portfolio strengths
  • Optimizing your work to share on social media

To Think On

  • What's your ideal client and how to reach them?
  • What are you doing to forge client relationships?


  • Build relationships through reaching out and connecting with other members within a company.
  • Restructure social posts to focus on your photography.
  • Tailor short form videos to algorithm using existing photos.
  • Focus on telling relatable stories through social content.


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