During this portfolio review I chat with emerging designer Gia! I offer feedback on how to create captivating projects that guide viewers on coherent storytelling journeys through deliberate sequencing and alignment of visual elements with core ideas.

I discuss strategies like conveying reasoning behind all creative decisions through copy and carefully considering portfolio aesthetics to shape positive first impressions. I reinforce that critique shouldn’t be taken personally, but as tools to grow - after many tearful university calls with my own mom!

Additionally, I suggest focusing on refining existing portfolio projects across writing, narratives and presentation before adding new quantity. Elevating current case studies first builds a strong foundation.

As Gia determines her own career path, I share my journey towards design and the importance of perseverance to incrementally improve, even if gaining attention on social media sucked at first!

With advice on curating site perceptions, conveying intentionality in work and managing feedback, Gia will showcase her skills while learning essential mindsets. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Key Points

  • How to articulate your design decisions.
  • How to structure your design projects to tell a story.
  • How to make a great first impression through your portfolio aeshetics.

To Think On

  • What do you want visitors to your design portfolio website to come away with after viewing?


  • Make sure to double check spelling and grammar across your design portfolio website.
  • Consider the order in which you present images and design elements within your design projects to create a narrative.
  • Tailor your portfolio site to help visualize your personality and taste as a designer.
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