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Key Points

  • Curating and narrowing down the selection of work on your portfolio website.
  • Finding your design heroes i.e. agencies and other designers that create work that you would like to make.
  • Standing out in a "saturated market".
  • Starting with internships to gain experience.

To Think On

  • What is the type of work you want to be working on? Be super specific.
  • How do you better present your work on your portfolio website to illustrate your process?


  • Search for other graphic designers, agencies, and companies that you find inspiring and are creating the work you would like to be creating.
  • Create self-initiated projects that replicate the type of work you would like to be doing.


  • Artmachine - An awesome agency that does a ton of great work in the entertainment industry. They have done a bunch of work for Netflix recently.
  • The Refinery - Another awesome agency that has done cool work in the entertainment industry.
  • Ignition Creative - Their Los Angeles office has done a ton of show work.
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