"I appreciated the direct, succinct feedback. Not only did you provide perspective from a usability standpoint, you also gave insight on how my work is perceived as a fellow designer. I gained a lot of clarity after our meeting, and it's clear that you genuinely want to help. Thanks Jon!"

Key Points

  • Choosing your goal i.e. Full-time or Freelance?
  • Formatting (Layout & Typography)
  • Better communicating design work in a portfolio.
  • Quality of work vs. experience when applying for jobs.

To Think On

  • Who is the audience for this portfolio and what information is most important for them to know?
  • What is the ideal project you would like to work on?
  • What is the one thing you're really good at? and what are the other things you are also knowledgeable about?


  • Make sure your typography is legible on all devices.
  • Try to select 3-4 of your best projects and make sure they all include descriptions and imagery so they feel more complete.


  • My Portfolio Website - Feel free to reference how I've formatted my portfolio when it comes to descriptions and imagery.
  • Best Folios - A great website for portfolio inspiration.
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