Key Points

• Utilizing a design portfolio platform versus coding your portfolio website. • Paring down projects and showcasing 3-4 of your best works as deeper case studies. • How to start your freelance design career to gain valuable experience.

To Think On

• What is the type of design work you would like to focus more on? Can you showcase more of that work on your portfolio website? • What is a realistic estimate of how much time you can offer while also pursuing your acting career and can you use that to your advantage when starting discussions with internship opportunities?


• Include descriptions for your projects and build out a story. Think of the who, what, and why for your projects. • Consider switching to a platform like Adobe Portfolio to help simplify developing your design portfolio website.


• Adobe Portfolio - This is a free mini-course I put together for building a portfolio website on the platform. - • Framer - A great tool for building a portfolio website and also for future projects. -
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