Key Points

• Using a portfolio presentation versus a portfolio website for graphic design job applications. • How to organize and present your design portfolio presentation for job applications. • How to format a design project with your portfolio presentation. • The importance of a simple and clear CV/resume for graphic designers. • Highlighting key responsibilities, skills, and results from your current role.

To Think On

• What are some of the key points that you can pull out from your current role that speak to gaining experience outside of graphic design skills? (i.e. collaboration, marketing, etc.) • How can you quantify any results from the work completed at your current role? • How can you present work from your current project in a case-study that captures your entire time there rather than just focusing on a few projects?


• Simplify the design and layout of your CV to highlight your experience and consider removing any extra details. • Reorganize your portfolio presentation to present your most recent and relevant work first followed by 'passion projects' and freelance work. • Try to pull out any results from your efforts at your current role that speak to the business's growth.


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