Design Portfolio Review Overview

Hey everyone, in this portfolio review today I'm looking at Austin's design portfolio website. I have some great suggestions to help tell a stronger story through his projects.

One piece of feedback is to include more details on the objectives and thought process behind each project. Adding insights into his design choices and creative process allows viewers to better connect with the work.

I also recommend improving his project page layouts through refinements to alignment, spacing, and information hierarchy. Cleaning up these pages makes them more polished and focused.Additionally, I advise presenting fewer images in view at once and arranging them in a more intentional way. Limiting the images helps viewers focus on key pieces rather than feeling overwhelmed.

Another tip is maintaining a first-person voice for all written text - this keeps the perspective consistent.

Finally, I encourage expanding project visuals and pages where possible to provide more depth and detail. More visual storytelling strengthens the projects.With a focus on layout, concise writing, strategic visuals and added context about his process, Austin's projects will really shine and showcase his skills as a designer. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Key Points

  • How to include in-depth descriptions on your design project pages.
  • How to improve design portfolio website layouts and alignments.
  • Better image presentation methods to improve website experience.

To Think On

  • Think of the 'headline' story you want to tell with each design project and what are the pieces you need to showcase that?
  • How you can include your role in each design project and your process?
  • What additional imagery and visuals can you include in your design projects to create a story?


  • Add additional context about design choices and process to your design projects.
  • Limit the amount of images you show in view at once.
  • Maintain the same perspective throughout your portfolio website for your design project overviews.
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