Design Portfolio Review Overview

Ready for another portfolio review? Today I'm looking at Talar's design portfolio website and discussing how to help improve and elevate it.

One suggestion is simplifying the homepage by clarifying your header and offerings. I also advise focusing projects on showcasing her best work together rather than organizing by skill buckets.

Additionally, I recommend expanding her project pages into more comprehensive case studies. This allows her to demonstrate process, strategy, and results. More robust project pages make the work shine.

I also push refining page alignments, spacing and layout on her project pages.

Finally, I encourage highlighting just her top 3 stellar projects as in-depth case studies on her site. A focused presentation of her best work will leave a stronger impression.With these updates focused on layout, project organization, case studies, and highlighting her best work, Talar's portfolio will feel much more refined, focused and impactful. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Key Points

  • Prioritizing your best work on your design portfolio website.
  • How to expand design projects into full case studies.
  • How to effectively use negative space on your portfolio website.
  • Improving your page layouts and alignment.

To Think On

  • What is your personality and design style? How can you visualize this on your design portfolio website?
  • How can you better present and demonstrate your design process and thinking?
  • Which of your design projects are your favorite and how can you build these out into full comprehensive case studies?


  • Narrow down your portfolio to your top 3 favorite design projects.
  • Expand your projects into full detailed case studies.
  • Update your homepage layout and header.
  • Consider presenting your design projects by result and not bucketing them by skill.


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