The Design Guy here with another portfolio review! Today I'm looking at Derek's portfolio website and have some great feedback focused specifically on a couple areas.

One key piece of advice is around properly presenting his level and experience. I explain that the difference between a mid-level and senior designer often comes down to managing and cultivating young talent. While Derek has strong skills, I advise clearly communicating his experience level and highlighting any mentorship he's provided to demonstrate his capabilities as he progresses his career.

Additionally, when presenting his social campaign metrics, rather than listing out all individual posts, I recommend combining the data into averages to simplify the view. Bringing the metrics together into unified overviews helps improve visualization and provides clearer directional insights for visitors. I show a potential layout to achieve this on his page.

With a focus on accurately portraying his precise seniority and consolidating analytical data for better communication, Derek's portfolio will better showcase his skills and accomplishments as he continues growing. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Key Points

  • How to present results on your design portfolio website.
  • Present levels and titles accurately based on experience.
  • Cultivating younger talent is key to senior roles.

To Think On

  • What is your true role level? Consider years of experience plus what you are also adding to the team outside of design responsibilities.
  • How can you demonstrate management experience?


  • Average out metrics into one section.
  • Slight tweaks to typography sizes and imagery grid layouts.
  • Highlight experience mentoring younger designers on the team.
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