Hey everyone, The Design Guy here with another portfolio review! Today I'm looking at Grace's website and sharing suggestions to inject more personality and make her work shine.

A few key tips - first, I advise experimenting with customized color palettes, fonts etc that align with her aesthetic. The current blue and Helvetica feel generic. Establishing a visual style that reflects her personality is key.

Next, I recommend improving the header text to clearly communicate her offerings and target clients upfront. I suggest a rewritten headline like "Brand designer specializing in healthcare clients" for clarity.

I also push switching projects from a left/right scrolling layout to a consolidated slideshow format. This better showcases her illustrations and editorial designs prominently.

Additionally, I encourage featuring her 3-5 most visually compelling projects as hero images right at the top of her site. Leading with your best work makes an impression!

Finally, I emphasize including more detailed project descriptions to provide essential context around objectives, process etc. This added insight helps connect viewers to the work.

With updates tailored to her personal style plus better highlighting of her best projects, Grace's portfolio will feel cohesive, customized and focused on showing off her top creative skills. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Key Points

  • How to add more personality through color, fonts, etc.
  • What to include in a portfolio website header.
  • Methods of presenting project imagery.
  • How to prioritize your design projects.
  • What you need for project descriptions.

To Think On

  • What is your design style and personality?
  • Who are your target clients and what work should you show to attract more similar clients?
  • What details can help explain your projects?


  • Experiment with colors and typeface choices to represent your personal aesthetic and brand.
  • Work on rewriting your header copy to state what you do and target clients.
  • Consider switching your design projects to a slideshow format.
  • Prioritize your best work at the top of your portfolio website.
  • Be sure to include descriptive project overviews that include the problem, solution, involvement, and outcome.


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