"I found it helpful when you suggested additional resources to help me expand my portfolio. Really excited to check out Figma!"

Key Points

  • Combining design and illustration in a portfolio website.
  • Creating tailored presentations to send to internships opportunities that really appeal to the job description and the organization offering the opportunity.
  • How to make all the projects on a portfolio website feel equal.

To Think On

  • Take the time to explore both graphic design and illustration and understand how you would like to use them in your process.
  • How can you add more details and descriptions into your project case studies to communicate your process and the work that went into them?


  • Develop a portfolio presentation that you can change the order of depending on who you are speaking with.
  • Choose your 3 strongest projects and really focus on adding more context and descriptions that you can speak about and present.


  • Figma - great for putting together a presentation you can send via link.
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