"Super helpful in finding out the kind of work I want to do and some honesty around attracting that work. He provided me with some more up to date things people are looking for in portfolios. So nice to get a new perspective. Very kind in delivering feedback and looking through my work and explaining strategy to showcase it better. Thanks so much!! I can't wait to spruce things up!"

Key Points

  • Separating your graphic design illustration work into separate portfolios.
  • Building better case studies around your design work.
  • Tools for building your portfolio in an easier and more sustainable way.
  • Building better presentations and case studies that communicate your design and illustration process.
  • Organizing and prioritizing tasks that will help you establish a foundation as a freelancer.

To Think On

  • What is the type of work/services you want to offer to clients whether that be for graphic design or illustration?
  • Do you currently need to invest time in building a portfolio website or can you use other tools and products that can stand in place for a portfolio website and still win over clients?
  • How do you build a portfolio/presentation/case study that will communicate to the client the value they are getting from working with you?


  • Create separate portfolios for your graphic design and illustration work. Consider starting with whichever will be more effective first and where you can start making the most progress first.
  • Design and editorialize your project case studies to really showcase the work. Try not to limit yourself to having to frame the projects in "poster" formats to communicate the idea that it was made for a poster. Explore the details of each piece and use those as opportunities to discuss further with whoever your showing your work to.


  • Figma - Great tool for putting together presentations that you can share as links to clients.
  • Figma Youtube - Includes a ton of tutorials to help you learn Figma quickly.
  • Notion Portfolio Template - A quick and easy template I put together for use in Notion.
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