In this design portfolio review, we explore Michelle Hwang's design journey, discussing the importance of aligning her work with her aspirations of becoming a Creative Director. Tips on Adobe Portfolio, project presentation, and more.

Key Points

  • Working towards the role of a creative director and aligning your portfolio to that goal.
  • The mindset of a creative director versus a designer.
  • Tips for formatting your design project case studies.
  • Tips for using Adobe Portfolio for your portfolio website.
  • How to find your ideal design role.

To Think On

  • Can you revisit some of your previous projects to align more with the goal of becoming a creative director?
  • How can you better evaluate potential job opportunities while you are interviewing?
  • What are the types of projects you would like to create more of and what skills do those require?


  • Make sure your project images are all aligned and treated equally within your case-studies.
  • Seek out the companies that you would like to work for an connect with members of the organization.
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