Join me as I discuss with graphic designer Brianna, the nuances of creating a standout portfolio website and resume. From emphasizing story-driven case studies to the importance of highlighting your key responsibilities, and strategic input in your design portfolio website. This review covers a lot!

Dive into the essentials of structuring a design portfolio that narrates your journey, showcases your strategic involvement, and highlights the depth of your design contributions and collaborations.

Key Points

  • The importance of presenting a clear structure on your portfolio websites.
  • Using comprehensive case studies to showcase depth and the design process.
  • Emphasizing personal involvement and strategic input in projects, rather than just task completion.
  • The benefits of showcasing work in contextualized environments (e.g., mockups).

To Think On

  • How can your portfolio be restructured to emphasize your desired career path and roles?
  • How can you more effectively communicate the depth of involvement in your projects?


  • Reorganize the portfolio to highlight primary projects in a clear and accessible manner.
  • Integrate resume content directly into the website for easier access.
  • Consider showcasing a few well-curated projects that are comprehensive, with a focus on narrative and depth.
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