In this design portfolio review, I guide designer Lanice on how to establish more consistency across her design portfolio website - from content flow to articulating her process. We discuss how to surround herself in design, practice core skills, and put together standout projects.

Key Points

  • How to simplify your portfolio website layout and presentation.
  • How to articulate your design process and thinking through detailed project case studies.
  • How to focus on your top 3 projects.
  • How to inspire and surround yourself with design.
  • How to approach applying to design programs.

To Think On

  • How can you build more of a consistent creative voice through your work and sharing?
  • What are some other design programs you could apply to beyond just the University of Maryland?


  • Take an audit of all your projects and pick the top 3 with enough content to turn into case studies.
  • Practice your illustration skills by replicating styles you admire then iterating to make them your own.
  • Consider applying to additional design programs in other locations and push yourself.


  • DKNG Studios - Awesome design and illustration studio that was very inspiring to me as a young designer.
  • Pentagram - One of the world's best design studios.
  • &Walsh - Another amazing design studio led by Jessica Walsh
  • How to Steal Like an Artist - Great book and resource for young designers to learn from.
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