In this design portfolio review I take a look at Isabel's portfolio website and go over what I love and where I think we can improve. I discuss emphasizing her top projects, how to further expand on project overviews and provide more insight to her process, and some simple formatting tips to really add polish to her design portfolio website.

Key Points

  • Editorializing project graphic and assets.
  • Prioritizing projects on your portfolio website.
  • Providing more context within projects.

To Think On

  • How can you showcase your illustration skills more?
  • How can you give more insight into your ideation and goals for each project? Why did you choose certain color palettes or packaging designs? What was the thought process there?
  • For collaborative projects, how much of the work was yours versus the team's and how can you emphasize your specific role and contributions?


  • If possible, provide additional images around website designs.
  • Consider prioritizing your favorite projects on your portfolio website homepage.
  • Provide more background information around unfamiliar terms or client objectives like 'allium-free'.
  • Highlight smaller graphic assets that were created and used for larger deliverables.
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