"After the review, I feel I have a clearer idea of my next steps. Emphasizing the aspects I wanted to highlight and the audience I wanted to attract with the portfolio at the beginning of the review truly shaped the rest of the conversation."

Key Points

  • Incorporating more personality into your portfolio (Sketchbook).
  • How to better format your project pages.
  • Striking a balance between the amount of text to imagery you have in your project case study pages.
  • How to build a creative community.

To Think On

  • How do you successfully showcase all of the work and research you do prior to any visual design work?
  • Does your portfolio need to be on a website platform like Wix or Squarespace or can you use a better tool?
  • What would branding yourself look like?
  • How can you show more personality on your portfolio?


  • Give yourself some "brand" guidelines when it comes to your portfolio design. Use specific colors, typography, and methods to present any imagery.
  • Start working on developing your creative community. Don't waste time overthinking it.


Portfolio Reviews