"I just really appreciate getting your insight on my portfolio. I needed to hear that and I see where i can improve now."

Key Points

  • Focusing on leveling up to mid-level designer roles.
  • How to better present and speak about projects in your portfolio.
  • Finding the key takeaways from the projects you worked on.
  • Better formatting your portfolio presentation.

To Think On

  • What are the most important talking points from your current projects that can showcase your experience.
  • How can you build out the other projects in your portfolio to feel as comprehensive so you can discuss them in depth while also complying with the NDA?


  • Practice speaking and walking through your projects before your interviews.
  • Start migrating the information from your Behance page onto your own portfolio website so that it is a consistent experience for whoever views it.
  • Remove the slides where you are repeating and over explaining from your presentation.
Portfolio Reviews